Student Visa for Argentina

Do you want to study in Argentina? It is definitely a fascinating and attractive place and well worth it if you are interested in pursuing your studies in one of the educational institutions down there..

Who Requires a Student Visa?

If the study period exceeds 90 days, in that case, you need a student visa. 

If the duration of study is less than 90 days, in that case, you need a tourist visa. 

Passport Holders that do not Require Visa to Enter Argentina are-

For Stays up to 90 days, no tourist visa is required-
Uruguay, Andorra, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Latvia, Armenia, Guyana, Korea Republic, Ukraine, Chile, Ireland, Mexico, Finland, Sweden, UK, Slovak Republic, New Zealand, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Malta, Netherlands, Russian Federation, Thailand, Spain, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Israel, Austria, Colombia, Haiti, Liechtenstein, Poland, Australia, El Salvador, Italy, San Marino, Iceland, Romania, Canada, Honduras, Peru, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Switzerland, Barbados, France, Paraguay, South Africa, Panama, Estonia, Belgium, Surinam, Germany, United States, Bulgaria, Puerto Rico, Denmark, Lithuania, Bolivia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Hungary, Czech Republic, Norway, Turkey, Finland, Singapore, Guatemala, Saint Vincent, Luxembourg, Santa Lucia, Monaco, Serbia, Trinidad and Tobago, Montenegro, and Portugal. 

For Stays up to 60 days

For Stays up to 30 days
Hong Kong with British passport B.N.O (British National Overseas); Grenada, Malaysia, and Jamaica

Citizens of countries not mentioned above require a visa to enter Argentina for any time duration.

Conditions for Visa

Students who don’t require a tourist visa to enter Argentina, have to first obtain an official letter of acceptance/enrollment from recognized educational institution in Argentina.

Students who require a tourist visa to enter Argentina are required to get the school they will be attending to get an approval from the Direccion Nacional de Migraciones in Argentina. Direccion Nacional de Migraciones in Argentina will inform your consulate directly.

Visa Application Procedure and Documentation

Countries that do not Require Visa to Enter Argentina

If the studies last for not more than 90 days, you can enter without a visa and stay as a tourists. If the studies last for over 90 days, you can enter without a visa as a tourist but with the following documents:
  • A valid passport
  • Non-criminal record certificate from their country of origin or from the countries where you have lived during past 5 years, legalized by the corresponding Argentine Consular Office

Countries that Require Tourist Visa to Enter Argentina

To apply for a student visa, students must first enroll in an educational institute approved by the immigration department. Once admission has been confirmed, students can apply for their student visa.  

Before the visa application, the educational institution in Argentina must get approval from the National Immigration Office (Direccion Nacional de Migraciones) for the authorization of the pupils’ entry. The Migraciones will then inform the Consulate directly. Once the entry permit is issued, you can apply at the Argentina Consulate for a visa with the following documents:

Once entry clearance is obtained for Argentine visa, the candidate must submit the following documents: 
  • Letter of Acceptance/ Enrollment confirmation letter: Issued by the institution and must be legalized by the Argentinean Ministry of Education
  • Registration proof: It is issued by the Argentinean embassy to study in Argentina.
  • Valid Passport and 4 passport-size photographs
  • Medical certificate 
  • Copy of birth certificate 
  • Proof of departure: Must have return tickets
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Statement of good conduct:  This is usually a transcript of your criminal record from your national police 
  • Certified declaration of not having any criminal records, signed in presence of consul
  • Receipt of payment of the application fee
  • Proof of sufficient knowledge of Spanish language 
** All documents must be translated into Spanish by a recognized translator or translation agency, and be accompanied by a “certificate of accuracy”

Visa Issuance Time

Tourist Visa: 2 days
Student Visa: 10 days

Visa Validity

Tourist visas are valid for up to 90 days
Student visas are valid for 1 year, and they can be renewed.

Please contact your nearest Argentine embassy/consulate to know more about the procedure and documentation you may require in order to enter Argentina. 
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