Grading, Academic Year and Language of Instruction

Grading System

The grading system of the school education and higher education of Argentina is different. Both the educational levels grading scale vary. 

School Education Grading System

The school education system- primary and secondary education use a 1-10 grading scale. 

 Grade Description
 10 Outstanding, Excellent
 9,8 Highly Satisfactory
 7,6 Satisfactory
 5,4 Barely Satisfactory
 3,2,1 Fail

Higher Education Grading System

 Scale Grade Description (In Spanish)Grade Description (In English) US Grade 
 10.00 Sobresaliente Outstanding A+
 9.00-9.99 Distinguido Very Good A
 8.00-8.99   A-minus-
 7.00-7.99 Bueno Good B+
 6.00-6.99   B
 5.00-5.99 Aprobado Pass B-minus-
 4.00-4.99   C
 2.00-3.99 Insuficiente Insufficient F
 0.00-1.99 Reprobado Fail F

Language of Instruction

Argentina's official language is Spanish. The language of education is Spanish. 

Academic Year

School Academic Year

The school year in Argentina runs from March to December. The school year in Argentina lasts for 200 days. Schools are closed on national holidays, and 2 weeks in July for holidays. The public primary schools are in session for four and a half hours each weekday. The extracurricular school activities are done on Saturdays. Schools have morning and afternoon sessions. 

Higher Education Academic Year

The academic year comprises of two, 4-month terms, and full-time pupils generally take 3 classes per term for 6 hours each week. The academic year commences in March and concludes in December; however the calendar may vary depending on the department within the university.
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