Snapshot of Argentina Education System

The Argentina education system is managed by the Ministry of Education and is implemented at the national, federal and provincial level. Education in Argentina is free at all educational levels. 

Educational Levels

Childhood Education/Initial Education

The Initial education includes children aged between 45 days to 5 years. This level of education is optional. The children are introduced to basic language skills, writing, math, and reading. 

Compulsory Education

In Argentina, education is compulsory for children aged 6 through 14. 

Primary Education

The primary education starts at the age of 6 years. This level of education is compulsory to attend. 

Duration: 6-7 years (Varies by district) 

Curriculum: It covers basic science, physical education, mathematics, arts and music, Spanish and social studies. 

The curriculum is prepared by a national administrative committee and sanctioned by the Ministry of Education. After the completion of the primary studies, a Certificate of Completion of Primary Studies (Certificado de Terminacion de Estudios Primarios) is issued. 

Secondary Education

Secondary education is not mandatory in Argentina. It is also known as “polimodal”. Students after completion of the primary school can enter secondary education. Secondary education whether academic is split up into two cycles: 
  • Lower-secondary education- Basic Cycle (ciclo basico)
  • Upper-secondary education- Oriented Cycle (ciclo orientado)
In Argentina, there are three types of secondary schools:

Bachiller schools: These schools focus on humanistic studies
Commercial schools: These schools emphasize on economic sciences and related studies
Technical schools (Escuelas Tecnicas): These schools emphasize on technical and scientific education.

Lower-Secondary Education- Basic Cycle (Ciclo basico)

The lower-secondary education provides a core curriculum that is common to all schools. This level offers general education. 

Upper-Secondary Education-Oriented Cycle (Ciclo orientado)

The upper-secondary education depends on the field selected by the student:
  • Secondary education oriented (Educacion Secundaria Orientad)
  • Secondary technical and vocational education mode (Educacion Secundaria Modalidad Tecnico Profesional)
  • Artistic mode secondary education (Educacion Secundaria Modalidad Artistica)
  • Secondary continuing education for Youth and Adults (Educacion Secundaria Modalidad de Educacion Permanente de Jovenes y Adultos)
The upper-secondary education lasts for three years and provides specialized education. 

Certificate awarded: Bachiller (en) certificate

Education Profiles: Secondary education oriented (In Spanish: Educacion Secundaria Orientada) consists of the following profiles:
  • Social sciences or social sciences and humanities (Ciencias Sociales or Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades)
  • Natural sciences (Ciencias Naturales)
  • Economics and management (Economia y Administracion)
  • Languages (Lenguas)
  • Agriculture and environment (Agro y Ambiente)
  • Tourism (Turismo)
  • Communication (Comunicacion)
  • Computer technology (Informatica)
  • Physical education (Educacion Fisica)
  • Art (Arte)

Higher Education

The Higher Education in Argentina includes:
  • Universities and University Institutes: These are state or private authorized
  • Institutes of Higher Education of national jurisdiction
The Argentina higher education is split up into 3 levels: 

Tertiary Education level: This duration of this level is 1-3 years and focuses on education or technical professionals, such as technicians, teachers, professorship, etc.

University level: The duration of this level is 4-6 years and focuses on professional education offered by the universities. It offers many degrees, such as engineering degree, professorship, medic title, Licentiate, etc.

Post-graduate level: This level focuses on specialized and research-oriented education. The duration of a specialized degree is 12-18 months, while the master’s require 24-30 months. Also, an original research work is a part of the level. The doctorate is the highest academic degree that could also be obtained at this level.

Eight Modes/Modalities

The eight modes are common to all educational level. These are:

Technical Education Professional: This is the mode of secondary education and higher education in charge of the creation of intermediate and senior technicians’ in particular professional domains and vocational training.

Arts Education: This mode consists of:
  • training in different artistic languages for children at all levels and modalities
  • artistic modality specific training at secondary level for those  who wish to go for it or alumni 
  • artistic training offered at the Institutes of higher education 
Special Education: This is the mode of the education system that guarantees right to education for persons with disabilities, temporary or permanent, at all educational levels

Continuing Education for Youth and Adults is the modality of education system that provides literacy and enforcement of mandatory education. 

Rural Education: This is the mode of the education system that aims at implementing mandatory education at all educational levels: initial/early childhood, primary and secondary, through appropriate forms, needs and characteristics of the population living in rural regions. 

Intercultural Education Bilingual is the mode of the education system that provides constitutional right of indigenous peoples to get education at all levels- initial/early childhood, primary and secondary, that would make their cultural norms stronger, to take part actively in a multicultural society and enhance their quality of life
Education in Contexts of Deprivation of Liberty is the modality of the education that ensures the right to education of all people deprived of liberty, to encourage and advance their comprehensive training and development.

Education Homecare and Hospital is the modality of education system in the early childhood, primary and secondary levels, designed to guarantee the right to education to people for health reasons.
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