Admission Requirements for Higher Education in Argentina

The admission requirements and process for higher education in Argentina varies depending on the level of studies the pupil wishes to undertake- Undergraduate, Master’s or Doctorate, and the higher education institutions. Take a quick look at the admission requirements and process for higher education institutions in Argentina. 

General Admission Requirements

Admission to Undergraduate Programme

The basic admission requirement for the undergraduate programme in Argentina universities is a certificate of school education in.., or a secondary high-school-leaving certificate, or its equivalent. 

Admission to Postgraduate Studies

The admission requirement for a postgraduate programme at a University in Argentina is the completion of a Licenciado or Ingeniero degree. 
Non-Argentine Bachelor's titles are accepted for admittance into a Master's and doctorate study programme, when the degree is from a recognized university.

Admission to a Specialisation Programme

To take admittance into these programmes, students must have completed an associated grado programme. 

Admission to a Master's Studies

The prerequisite for admittance to a Master's programme is that the students must have completed a 4-year grado undergraduate degree. Each higher education institution has its own requirements.   

Admission to a Doctorate/PhD Studies

Applicants must have a Master's degree or its equivalent from a recognised university for taking admission into a doctorate programme. The admission requirements may vary depending on the institution and field of study.

Admission Procedure

Students who wish to study at the educational institutions in Argentina can apply directly to the institution. The applicant must contact directly to the Institution's Admission Office for the application forms and other necessary information on the admissions. Fill out the application form that can be taken from the respective institutions and submit it along with the required documents and fee. 


Following documents must be submitted:

Application form

Educational transcripts: School certificates copy- Bachiller (en) / Tecnico (en) secondary school diploma

Spanish language proficiency proof: The applicants who wish to take classes in Spanish and if their first language is not Spanish, must submit this proof

English language proficiency proof: The applicants who wish to take classes in English and if their first language is not English, must submit this proof

Statement of Purpose: One page detailing about your academic goals and aims; reasons for joining this programme and institution, reasons for wanting to take part in the study abroad program (international students). 

Resume (Curriculum Vitae): The resume should include details of your previous education, personal details, academic accomplishments, professional and/or volunteer experience (if any), awards and honors. It should be one to two pages. 

Valid passport photocopy and two passport photographs

Professional experience certificate (if any)

Recommendation letter: At least two letters of recommendation are required. It can be from a teaching staff or by employer.  It should state your qualities, efficiency and skills in a particular branch.

Health insurance cover: Copy in English or Spanish

Official recognition or revalidation of degrees (if required): To gain admittance into the undergraduate programme in Argentina University, students must submit a duly legalized certificate specifying completion of secondary school. Non-degree pupils are exempted from seeking recognition of their secondary school degrees. For taking admission into the postgraduate programme, recognition of a pupils’ university degree is not needed unless the specialisation is in dentistry, biochemistry, medicine, psychology or nursing. For other postgraduate programmes, submission of a duly legalized university degree from one’s country of origin is required.

After submitting the completed application form along with the required documents, they are reviewed by the Admission committee or institution.  Applicants who meet the criteria get the “letter of acceptance”. This letter can be used as supporting documentation for immigration purposes.

After receiving the letter of acceptance, the applicant must send a statement of their decision by email or any other mode to the respective educational institution. 

Once you're offered a place in the institution, apply for student visa (if needed). 
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